Esri Development Center

The ESRI Development Center (EDC) program is an initiative by ESRI to support university departments with outstanding teaching and research in the GIS area. The Geoinformation Group at Vienna University of technology became an EDC member in May, 2018. The EDC at the Geoinformation Group is implemented as essential part in research and teaching by the students and employees to establish strong ties between research and industry. This is achieved by the close cooperation of ESRI and the Geoinformation Group as well as through the special resources offered by the EDC:


  • ESRI training courses for employees and students
  • Installation of ESRI Software on the private computers of students
  • Additional technical support
  • Contact and direct project support by ESRI developers and consultants
  • Tickets for the ESRI Developer Summit
  • Annual EDC student of the year award or outstanding student achievements at the Department


  • Support of students with software, consulting and training courses
  • Promote multidisciplinary collaborations within the Vienna University of Technology and beyond
  • Leverage innovative GIS development in education and research
  • Enhance transfer of technology and knowledge between research and industry