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Schmidl, Martin; Navratil, Gerhard; Giannopoulos, Ioannis

An Approach to Assess the Effect of Currentness of Spatial Data on Routing Quality Inproceedings

In: Partsinevelos, Panagiotis; Kyriakidis, Phaedon; Kavouras, Marinos (Ed.): Proceedings of the 24th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science, Copernikus Publications, 2021, (talk: 24th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science, Chania, Greece, Online; 2021-06-08 -- 2021-06-11).

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Navratil, Gerhard

OpenStreetMap als kommunale Kartengrundlage Journal Article

In: gis.Business, vol. 2019, no. 3, pp. 2–4, 2019, (eingeladen).

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Jilin, Dimitri; Navratil, Gerhard; Clementini, Eliseo; Fogliaroni, Paolo

OpenStreetMap als kommunale Kartengrundlage Inproceedings

In: Strobl, Josef; Zagel, Bernhard; Griesebner, Gerald; Blaschke, Thomas (Ed.): AGIT - Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik, pp. 236–245, Wichmann Verlag, VDE Verlag GMBH, 2019, ISBN: 978-3-87907-669-7, (Vortrag: AGIT 2019, Salzburg; 2019-07-03 -- 2019-07-05).

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