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Abed Bashardoost

PHD Student

TU Wien

Abed Bashardoost was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1984. He started as a PhD student in the research group Geoinformation of Vienna University of Technology in 2018. Before coming to Vienna he was head of GIS in IAC (the Iran Airport and Aviation Company) for aviation and airport management. In this position he managed various practical projects, e.g., in context with decision support for integrated coastal zone management, a cadastral database for petrochemistry, or Web GIS. Previously he worked on an SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) project at the Tehran University until 2013. He received his MSc. of Geospatial Information System Engineering from from the same university in 2009.

His current research interests are in the context of management tasks in aviation, e.g.,

  • aviation navigation and airport management
  • unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) navigation management
  • land administration models
  • 3D cadastre and 3D city models
  • spatial data infrastructure (SDI)
  • integrated coastal zoning management (ICZM)
  • moving object modelling and rout finding
  • environmental monitoring modelling and systems

  1. 2009

    M.Sc. of Geospatial Information System Eng.

    University of Teheran
  2. 2006

    B.s. of Civil Surveying and Geomatics Eng.

    Iran Azad University

  1. 2013-2018
    GIS Project Manager
    Iran Airport and Aviation Company (IAC)
  2. 2010-2013
    Research Asistant
    Departmenet of Surveying and Geoinformation Engineering (GIS Group)- Tehran University
  3. 2010
    Azad University of Share Rey